who we hope to be


who we hope to be
Nokyoung Xayasane

what we have
and what we know
is this
there are moments when
everything is clear
when time is slowed
between every second
is an eternity

we glimpse it
those moments of clarity
walking down Queen St W
the rush of wind
and open sky
there is movement and silence
anonymity and infamy in the streets

we are free here
free as we’ll ever be
freer than we’ll ever be again

what we once held dear
love, security, comfort
those are all illusions

nothing lasts
nothing remains
except for the persistent
buzzing of silence
by the cry of ecstasy
the heaving of bodies
giving in
the carnal nature of who we are
vapid and cruel and weak
and who we hope to be
strong and beautiful and pure

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