good little girl


quiet little mouse
Nokyoung Xayasane

I told my Dad’s friend
I like to play
video games.
My Dad’s friend
told me
he likes to play
video games, too.

I showed him
my collection.
I showed him
my favourite ones.

He showed me
the best way
to spread out
a blanket
so that both
our bodies
were covered
snug and warm.

She told me
she likes to play
video games.
I spread the blanket
over our laps.
She laughed and
looked at me.

her dad came in
but she was quiet as
a mouse,
a sweet little mouse.
Her eyes
gave nothing away.

Dad’s friend
says good little girls
keep secrets,
good little girls
shouldn’t speak
about things
they don’t understand.

One day,
I laid down
and I couldn’t get up.
I couldn’t talk
I felt bad,
but I didn’t know why.

He told me
good little girls
are quiet
little mice.

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