time enough

time enough
Nokyoung Xayasane

Come down with me
to the street
level to the ground.
It is here where we’ll see
the birds lift up in flight.
It is here where we’ll feel
spring’s first rays
gleaming against a blue sky, endless.

Come with me
to the end of the street
that meets with Yonge,
young children in white
dancing down the sidewalk
making their way home from school.

Come up with me
to the balcony
where we’ll sit and watch the world go by,
a dozen cars and the sirens that lift
like music like a cacophony a symphony
of horns and bells and blasted air
from tires, spouts, throats of birds
calling to each other.

Come and stand beside me
on the road where flowers have been placed
where living breathing loving people walked
on a spring day, fresh from winter.

Come with me
to the place where we shall know no fear
and no misunderstandings,
where we are seen just as we are,
as we wanted to be seen,
bright and murky and bare.

Come with me.
It will be you and it will be me.
We will have time enough and love enough
and courage enough.
We will have time enough,
you and me.

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